The crewmembers on board Logos Hope all left their homes at one point to come on board the ship to live and work together with others from around the world. They exchanged their familiar environments for a very unique accommodation – a ship – which sooner or later they also call their home for a specific amount of time.

They all do know though, that there are many people in the world, who are longing for a place to stay in which they can experience peace and safety. The refugees who leave their homes with many hopes in direction of a new country, most often have to experience insecurity about their future and have no place to turn.

Welcome and Protect Migrants

Thankful about people who care about those vulnerable persons, Logos Hope used their manpower to support the work of Migrant Commission in upgrading a shelter in which “through collaboration with state agencies and international and local NGOs, the Migrants Commission seeks to welcome, to protect, to promote and to integrate all migrants in Malta”.

One crewmember explains, ‘The premises really need a lot of renovation and so we aimed to help as much as we can through different tasks. Some of our electricians had to replace some lighting points and some switches. Others painted doors and handrails. Most of us helped to empty the cubicles so the adjudication process for a refurbishment into emergency residences can come to an end, and so we needed to empty them from furniture inside so that the contractors could then start with their work.’

Compassion Through Practical Help

‘Even though we didn’t have too much contact with the people living in there except for one Indian couple who brought us delicious Chai tea, we saw this working day as an opportunity to show compassion with those who have to flee their homes and dreaming of a better life, through practical help and action and to encourage Migrant Commission in the phenomenal work they do every day.’

Social worker Mario says, ‘The encounter with Logos Hope, with what you are doing, with the way you have offered your voluntary service and help, does touch upon the feeling of the beauty of how humanity can work together across borders – because there are no borders. It’s a beautiful experience of just doing something together and it does bring hope!’