To all mama na papa na MSMEs nationwide, lets work;

Firstly, we need face masks all over our country. Children will need to wear masks as they go back to school and for rest of us as we live with COVID-19.

Face masks and gloves will be required in schools, in churches, in work places, in buses, in cars, in planes, in ships, and life in general with COVID-19. Let us adjust to life with viruses.

Secondly, we also need garden foods, start producing extra to sell, we want to but them. Yesterday we bought 35 bags of kaukau from a hard working farmer for K5000.

All districts will become buying hub for our agriculture products. Let’s work.

Let’s not just complain, our ancestors live through tougher times then we are today, let’s all work and not just live through life seeing negatives all times.

Crisis brings opportunities too, the world need food, let us grow the food here in PNG.

On other business areas, BSP has written to me to lend at 5% for 15 years, Kina and NDB at 4% for 20 years, all PNGeans who already in business or want to go in business , tidy your books and work.

All PNGeans have land, convert your land to food and money. Every day people need food. We will buy the food.