Here is a testimony from Lepani about seeing God’s calling in his work and how God opened the right doors for him to be connected with a local Church in the Solomon Islands.

Greetings in Jesus Name from the Hapi (Happy) Isles, Solomon Islands.

It is with great pleasure that I have been asked by National Leader for Christians for Israel Australia, Ian Worby to write this article.

As former National Leader for Christian For Israel Fiji, I have now been here in the Solomon Islands for the last 3 years since 2020.
For those who have never heard of Solomon Islands, it is a group of islands located in the South Pacific Ocean east of Papua New Guinea and northeast of Australia.

I came to the Solomon Islands for employment reasons which was my first work assignment outside of Fiji. Having visited Solomon Islands for the first time for me was like God telling Abram, leave your homeland and go to another land not knowing fully the reason why God had call him and the opportunities that awaits him. However deep within my heart I knew God was calling me to the Solomon Islands for His purposes and that is to equip the churches.

Before I left for the Solomons, I had been seeking the Lord to connect me to a local church which I could call my home church and after having attended two other churches, I finally came the church which Iam now attending called Bible Way Centre. Three things caught my attention as I first arrived to this church. Firstly, the structure was a simple open leaf house building with no walls, hence, the phrase “the church with no walls” often being used to denote this church which to me was very humbling. Secondly, as I first entered this building, I was so overwhelmed by the greetings and reception by its members that immediately made me feel at home which reminds me of our local church back home in Fiji. I found a sense of family and belonging in this church and I felt connected right away. The third and final confirmation for me which caught my attention was the Israeli flag on the stage behind the pulpit .(see picture of some church ladies with Israeli flag at the background) Noticeably from this picture, you will also notice a lady wearing a Christians For Israel Fiji t-shirt, which C4I Fiji blessed her with together with a hand held Israeli flag after she planted a seed toward the C4I ministry.

Bible Way Centre always remember Israel in their prayers and during the three years with the church, we have incorporated bible teachings about God’s separate plans for the Church and Israel and we look forward to go a little deeper this year.

C4I newspapers continue to be circulated and recently we had sent some to Malaita Province and the feedback we received has been overwhelming and people there are demanding for more newspapers and are also looking forward for Bible teachings on Israel to be held there one day.

Generally speaking, Solomon Islands is a christian nation and the people alteady understand the prominence of Israel in the Bible, however, there is a greater need for teaching and equiping the church leaders who in turn can teach others to have a proper biblical understanding of Gods separate plans for Israel and the Church, so we are hoping and praying to hold another C4I conference in the not too distant future.

As readers, we value your prayers as we trust the Lord to extend the Mission of Christians For Israel movement here in the Solomon Islands.

We hope in the next article, we will be able to update you on further developments of the C4I ministry in the Solomon Islands.

Tangio Tumas (Thank you very much) for this opportunity and may God bless us all as we all continue the ministry of C4I through out the world and may God bless the Solomon Islands from shore to shore.

Lepani Makubuna