Seven years ago Elisa was a die-hard listener for Laif FM. She called me telling me she needs prayer cause her husband is threatening to get another wife because she can’t bear him a child. “Wow” I told her all things are possible to God in Mark 10:27. So, I invited her to my home.

We agreed in prayer trusting God for a miracle baby boy. We prayed, “God we know Your Word tells us,You will make the impossible to become possible. Now God both of us are standing on Your Word, and Your Word must not return void, but it must accomplish its purposes. God the husband must know You are the impossible God.”

This was the agreement prayer with Elisa seven years ago. Now!!! It was a tears of Joy, to meet them both. The miracle baby boy & mom hugged me saying thank you. She has also been a The Word for Today reader since the day we prayed together.